Keeping accurate and updated records are essential for the health of your business. The following questions are provided as guidance when assessing the health of your business entity:

  • Have initial filings been made?

Fictitious Name Registration, Articles of Incorporation, EIN/TIN Application, LLP Registration, LLC Certificate of Organization, Subchapter “S” Election

  • Are all required filings up-to-date?

Fictitious Name Registration, Decennial Filing, Amendments to Articles of Incorporation, Annual LLP Registration, Change of Registered Address

  • Do you have / do you need to update:

Fictitious Name Registration, Bylaws, Corporate/Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements, Partnership Agreements, LLC Operating Agreements  

  •  Are corporate records up-to-date?

Annual Shareholder Meeting Minutes, Directors Meeting Minutes

  • Are your record keeping procedures accurate and adequate?         

Corporate Records, Business Records, Tax Records

  • When was your last Shareholders meeting? Directors meeting?
  • Are your legal and financial advisors aware of personal matters that could affect business concerns or visa versa?
  • Are your bookkeeping procedures and records accurate, complete, consistent and reviewed?
  • Do you have a Business Succession Plan? If yes, is it up to date?
  • Are your Estate Planning Documents up-to-date? Adequate for your business and personal needs?

Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure your business is in good health.

Download: Business Wellness Checklist