As Pennsylvania’s Primary Election approaches, one of the unexpected political issues is affirmative action.  Newsweek columnist Seth Colter Walls discusses the situation in Obama’s Postracial Test. The column describes the election battleground created by state ballot initiatives like California’s Proposition 209 and Michigan’s Proposal 2 that prohibit public institutions from considering race, sex or

The number of Discrimination Charges filed with the EEOC increased to 82,792 in 2007, up from 75,768 the previous year. Race, Gender and Retaliation charges were the most frequently reported charges.  The EEOC’s nonsensical reporting style makes it difficult to glean much more information since the report doesn’t account for individuals claiming multiple types of discrimination. Also

In response to heavy lobbying by the Pennsylvania Newspapers Association, Pennsylvania enacted legislation overhauling what was largely regarded as one of the worst open records laws in the country.   The “Right-to-Know Law” is generally effective January 1, 2009, and applies to the public records of state and local agencies, the state legislature, municipalities

The subject of “ageism” is a hot topic in the press and among employment commentators. As Baby Boomers grow older so does the  percentage of the United State population perceived as old and protected by age discrimination laws.

According to AARP, the percentage of people 65 and older who work has grown

In Federal Express Corp. v. Holowecki, the United State Supreme Court ruled that the EEOC’s Intake Questionnaire adequately meets the requirements of a “Charge” to trigger an employee’s rights to sue his or her employer in court. The plaintiff submitted to the EEOC an Intake Questionnaire with an affidavit contending that her employer was engaging