Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

Matthew Grosh will be on the faculty for the National Business Institute’s seminar Tax Exempt Organizations from Start to Finish, on November 9, 2011 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  This seminar will cover topics such as:

  • Establishing, operating and terminating tax-exempt organizations.
  • Studying the various categories of 501(c)s under the internal revenue code, and learn how to

 As you may have seen in recent newspaper articles, Governor Corbett recently signed into law some changes to the Pennsylvania Liquor Code. The most publicized of these changes is that "happy hours", the period of time when a licensed establishment can sell discounted alcoholic beverages, has been expanded. The previous law limited happy hour to two hours

Matthew Grosh has joined the S. June Smith Center’s Board of Directors. Matt is proud to be given the opportunity to support the mission of the S. June Center which is to, "…support children with developmental needs through education, therapeutic services, and family-centered programming. We seek to educate children, support families and strengthen communities through

On Monday and Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations’ (PANO) Annual Conference in Harrisburg. This conference gave me the opportunity to meet people from various nonprofit organizations and learn about their missions. I also found that the educational tracks and keynote speaker gave additional insight into understanding the challenges organizations face and will continue to deal with in the future.

I attended two educational sessions during the conference – Raising More Money from Your Local Business and Federal & State Legislative Briefing. The first session enhanced my understanding of the fundraising issues my nonprofit clients deal with on a daily basis, which will also be helpful to me in my position on the Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels of Lancaster. I look forward to using what I have learned to help this worthy organization in their fundraising efforts. I also attended the Legislative Briefing because I am always concerned with how proposed and new legislation could affect my clients.

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Literally translated from Latin, quid pro quo means "something for something." However, the more common English translation is “this for that.” As a movie enthusiast, the phrase always reminds me of the 1991 Academy Award winning film "The Silence of the Lambs." There is a memorable scene where Hannibal Lecter is speaking to FBI Agent in Training Clarice Starling, “If I help you, Clarice, it will be "turns" with us too. Quid pro quo. I tell you things, you tell me things.”Simply put, the phrase typically means: you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

The phrase has a slightly different impact in the world of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. In some instances, contributions to an organization may not be entirely gratuitous because the contributor is getting something of value in return. For example, people who pay to play in a charitable golf tournament receive a round of golf (and usually a few promotional knick-knacks). A portion of their payment goes toward the round of golf and a portion goes to the nonprofit. That is the essence of a quid pro quo contribution, and there are a few rules that a recipient nonprofit must follow.

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 Russell, Krafft & Gruber is proud to be exhibiting, for the third year in a row, at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) Annual Conference held on April 4- 5, 2011. This event will feature keynote speaker Tim Delaney, Esq. of the National Council of Nonprofits and 11 workshops. The workshop topics include:

Monday, April

 Matthew Grosh has joined the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels of Lancaster, whose mission is to, “improve the nutrition by providing meal service to the ill, disabled and senior residents within the greater Lancaster area.” Matthew is looking forward to use his experience as legal counsel for nonprofit organizations to help Meals on Wheels of

On December 13, at the Lancaster Bar Association holiday party, Christina Hausner was presented with a Pennsylvania Bar Association Pro Bono Award recognizing  the extensive legal services she has provided voluntarily and without payment to those who are unable to afford them. Chris has actively participated in the Volunteer Attorney Program,  regularly representing income eligible