Wrestlemania was this past weekend, and Linda McMahon is rumored to be stepping down as the head of the Small Business Administration.  I have a rule that when those two things happen in the same week, it is time to link back to my favorite blog post: How Your Small Business is Like Professional Wrestling.

My son and I are still watching wrestling.  And there are even more lessons you can learn from wrestling.  Here are more to add to the list:
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Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to attend SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon’s 2018 Small Business Awards Luncheon held at Millersville University’s Ware Center. This luncheon is always a great place to hear more of SCORE’s success stories. This year was no different.

SCORE provides our community with many resources for local entrepreneurs. These include providing free business counseling through its mentors, facilitating round-table discussions among local small businesses, and teaching educational workshops on how to start and improve a small business. SCORE’s workshops hold a special place in my heart because I have helped teach one of the workshop sessions for several years now (or perhaps more appropriately, I help translate the legalese of forming a corporation or LLC into an outline of what a small business owner should know).
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Starting a business is a challenging job. When helping entrepreneurs make the legal side of starting and running a business less intimidating, it’s important to recognize that there are hundreds of other factors that impact whether a business will ultimately be a success. Although I work hard to learn about all aspects of my clients’ businesses and provide guidance on day to day operations as needed, you may want to round out your business team with others who can assist with the details of marketing, product development, technology infrastructure and other core needs that are also important to your success.

If you are looking for in-depth help with your business in another area, here are some of my recommendations for free or low cost resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

SCORE & SCORE Lancaster www.score.org, lancaster.score.org – 717-397-3092

SCORE is a network of experienced volunteers that provide free, confidential mentoring, either in person or via email. SCORE also provides seminars and workshops to educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on topics such as marketing, obtaining funding and management.

If you’re located in the Lancaster-Lebanon area, you’re in luck – SCORE Lancaster Lebanon was recently recognized as the SCORE Chapter of the Year.

United States Small Business Administrationwww.sba.gov

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) features blogs, in-person and online training and workshops, and a robust email newsletter that will assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in management, obtaining loans and grants, navigating health care changes, and contracting, among other topics.
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